Hansen Stadium Project

Renderings of the future of Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field

In 2009, the Hansen Stadium seating was deemed unsafe and had to be torn down more than 20 years after it was built by hand by Gene Hansen, the Corvallis community, and local businesses. This left a significant void in the atmosphere and aesthetics of the stadium and has been greatly missed by the community. 

We are eager to fill this void and re-create that special piece of the Taylor Field at Hansen Stadium aura that the stadium brought. Although the stadium is on 509J school district property, they are unable to fund a new baseball stadium at this time so the fundraising and work is back in the hands of Corvallis American Legion Baseball. 


We have done work over the past several years to begin the reconstruction of the stadium including drainage and new dugots. We are creating this public campaign to raise the remainder of the $500,000 that we need to complete the project. We have a page dedicated to frequently asked questions and multiple ways in which you can contact us. We thank you for your interest in the project and your contiued support of Corvallis American Legion baseball at Hansen Stadium.

Gene and Helen Hansen

Gene Hansen, with the constant aid of his wife, Helen, served as general manager from 1978-2003. Under their guidance, Corvallis became one of the rare programs to play in an American Legion World Series it hosted, in 1990.

Gene Hansen - who could always be found by listening for his trademark “Hubba Hubba!” around the ballpark, was instrumental in the community’s effort to make improvements to the ballpark. The name of the ballpark was amended to Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field in Gene and Helen’s honor in 2002.


Gene Hansen passed away in the spring of 2004 while working at the ballpark. Helen continued to attend games at Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field, rooting on the

Marketmen until passing away after a brief illness in 2011.